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Pinot Gris "La Communion"

30,00 €
Lorsque 2002 cuvée barrique rencontre 2012 : La Communion de 2 millésimes de Pinot Gris avec un fort potentiel aromatique. De la sagesse et de l’exubérance.

Our 2002 late harvest Pinot Gris, aged in Allier oak barrels, reached full maturity a er ten years. It was blended 50/50 with our 2012 Pinot Gris, which originated from the same lot of vines, growing on 100% limestone in the hills surrounding Pfaffenheim, offering a very high harvesting potential.

This unique Communion o ers a complex structure that combines the charm and passion of youth with the wisdom and maturity acquired by a ten-year-old wine. The complementarity of these two wines results in a bouquet of exuberant fragrances and aromas that
delight the senses, compelling one’s admiration with its harmonious combination of notes of mint, aniseed, honey, candied fruit, quince and pear.



icone thermometre Serving temperature : 9-10 °C
icone garde Drinking window : 10 years
icone accords Food-wine pairings : Communion can accompany foie gras, be the flourish to end a meal, or ceremoniously savoured like a cult wine only for the initiated...


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