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Pefection takes time

Today, as life goes faster and faster, it is possible to find pleasant wines that have gone straight from vine to market. Resisting this acceleration, at ZINK we have made patience the guiding principle of our winemaking process.

Consequently, we only offer older vintages. All our wines at ZINK are given time to age, for the aromas to harmonise and balance to be achieved.

Insisting on a minimum ageing time allows all the organoleptic qualities of our wines to develop, creating an optimum drinking experience.

To ensure you enjoy our wines at their peak, we take care of the ageing ourselves.

Moreover, the length of this process means your bottles last much longer, whether open in the refrigerator or lying in a good wine cellar.

Étienne et Alice ZINK

Our Philosophy

Our belief in pure, natural products guides the way we cultivate our vines with the greatest respect for nature. Our constant quest for the highest possible quality drives a specific working policy: the deliberate restriction of output, starting with pruning the vines in winter, which promotes balance and harmony between each variety of grape and the soil in which it grows.

We favour crop management and maintenance closely tailored to the needs of our vines, to ensure the nutrition they receive is wholesome and natural.

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27 rue de la Lauch
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Horaires : 8h30 - 17h45 du lundi au vendredi et 9h30 - 17h le samedi. Fermé le dimanche
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