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  Alsatian wine
RieslingEdelzwicker :
A harmonic combination of several vine varieties, a light, pleasant wine for cooking and as a starter.

Le Blanc de Zink : This one is likewise a combination, but of higher quality than the previous one. It is excellent as a starter. Light and pleasant in summer. A refreshing, coherent and versatile wine.

Sylvaner : Superbly fresh, light, and distinctly fruity. Lively and dry, pleasant and refreshing, ideally goes well with meat and sausage platters, quiches and seafood.

Pinot Blanc : Mild and delicate, a fusion of freshness and suppleness. Enjoyable with starters, shellfish, fish, salads and rustic buffets.

Muscat : Dry, inimitably fruity. It presents the exquisite feeling of biting into fresh grapes. As aperitif among friends, receptions, desserts, many cheeses – and with asparagus.

RieslingRiesling : Simultaneously virile, dry, classy, fresh and pleasantly fruity, with occasional mineral or bloomy appeals. Peerless with fish, shellfish, seafood, fowls and of course with the Alsatian sauerkraut.

Pinot Gris (formerly Tokay) : The noblest of wines with food. Rich, round, retentive, with complex aromas of wild soil, occasionally slightly smoky. Excellent with game birds, light meat, roast, smoked salmon and fish in sauce.

Gewurztraminer : Virile, full-bodied, with a rich aroma of fruits, flowers (rose) or spices (cinnamon). An enticer, perfect with exotic dishes, strong cheeses and desserts.

Pinot Noir : The only vine variety in Alsace that brings out a red wine. A powerful, impressive round wine with an aroma of red fruits. Goes well with roast, game and red meat and grilled dishes.

The Rosé d' Alsace: a Rosé-Saignée from Pinot Noir grapes; of glossy bright soft pink, with its aroma of red berries, fresh and light - a summer wine. Excellent with grilled food, barbecue, pizza and cold buffets.

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