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Our wine cellar
Joseph Zink had set his objectives to enhance the quality of his production already at the beginning of the 20th century. At a time when the “Grand Crus” and the terrain were not yet hierarchically classified and one primarily aimed at rich yields, he concentrated on lots of terrain that offered an extraordinary qualitative potential.
In the meantime these plots, often difficult to cultivate with low yields, were identified and granted the designation, “Grand Crus”.
However the terrain, though of significance and an influence to be retrieved in our great wines, is not the only decisive element for the quality.
The work in the vineyard (cutting, land management, grass sowings, the introduction of organic substances, the picking) plays an important role in the preparation of our great wines and in the wine cellars (the pressing, the temperature regulation, the aging, etc.).



"Pruning" :

From 1976 we have been practising the curved cut (Guyot simple) in order to limit the yields and thus optimally bring out the expression of the terrain and the characteristics of the vine.




Land management and grass sowing :

Our vineyard

We pay special attention to these activities. With their aid, we regulate the growth and the development of the weeds in a natural way. Moreover the mulching of the grapevine plants brings natural nutrition and dynamises the microbiological life in our soil.




Our vineyard

Natural manuring of our soil :

We prefer the dispensing of organic nutrients (compost, dung) to the application of chemical fertilisers. This procedure ensures our grapevines a healthy and natural nutrition.




Vintage :


The date of the vintage is a crucial factor for a fair balance of the wine. Thus we decide the harvest from lot to lot, day to day, according to weather conditions and the maturity of the grapes.
Naturally, we favour the handpicking.


Etienne Zink lave le tonneau


Work in the wine cellar:

Our wine cellar was equipped with a facility for temperature regulation already in 1982 and thus figures among the pioneers of this practice. With its aid, we control the process of fermentation and are able to bring out the characteristic aroma of every vine variety far better.
All these operations enable us to offer you extraordinary wines shaped by our personality.

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